Monday, September 7, 2015

Bit of an absence.

So I haven't posted in a week or two but it's all good, I have been a bit busy with work and doing some practice art for a few wizards when I have the time. I promise to get back to housing bits as soon as this event is over. I haven't had the time to enjoy the event because of work so today and tomorrow I'll spend farming the B.O.X.E.S. Also for those who don't know, Icy Witch and crew are doing a box-a-palooza event I'll post the link below.
In other housing news this week we got to celebrate W101 birthday with shiny new birthday themed items from the crown housing shop so if you haven't checked it out yet please check them out before they disappear on the 8th!
I hope to get some time to myself to finish up giving this blog a facelift as of right now I'm not very happy with the way it looks...anywho just going to keep this short and sweet :)

Here is the link to Icy Witch's event. Box-a-palooza

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